Tuesday, September 23, 2008

old tobacco road

my four patches are finished so now it is up to step 3 for me.
Have the half square triangles sewn - used a plaid for all of them so was able to make the HST by drawing a grid on the light fabric, did them in a grid 5 x 4 so that part went quite quickly, not sure whether the plaid will work but I think it will.
Now the trimming up and making the pinwheels.
Trimming the blocks is a quiet thing to do whilst I sit alongside Trevor's bed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

World Alzheimer's Day is coming up on September 21st.

The readers who *know* us also know that my husband has had dementia for some years.

It can be quite cruel to watch those you love suffer the consequences of dementia - no matter which type it is.

Just for the record my man has vascular dementia.

I describe it as - his brain went on holiday and forgot to come back.

Somehow this post is supposed to be going to link back to Ami Simms site.

Ami is doing wonderful things to raise awareness and to help with funding for research, she has an art quilt initiative, in an older post there is a small quilt of mine called "confused in the top paddock" this will be sent to Ami for the auction.

If you are reading this and wondering whether and/or how to participate

Visit http://www.alzquilts.org/ and learn more about Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts (on-going small quilt auction). All profits go to Alzheimer's research" - IT'S AWESOME!!! AND the quilts are beautiful & creative!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This top is my version of Bonnie Hunter's nifty thrifty - I had some 2.5" strips that had no projects to go to ...
This quilt will be going to the spinal unit after it is quilted.

The balloon print is the backgrounf for my old tobacco road, the design of the print disappears when cut in small pieces so may well be what some refer to as ugly, to me it just adds some interest.
Still on clue one for the 4 patches - 120 made.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

old tobacco road

Bonnie Hunter has designed another quilt for a mystery and named it "Old Tobacco Road" so have pulled these fabrics from my stash to make this quilt.

quilt finished

What a long time since I last posted - I will try to rectify that now ....

I did finish the quilt and gave it to Carers' Link to use as they thought best, they have chosen to raffle it during Carers' Week and tickets will be $2 each.