Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just had a look at an entry the link for which was posted on stashbusters, a very tongue in cheek look at uses for our stashes - enjoy! ;-))

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today I had the great priviledge of speaking at the opening of the extensions to Carers' Link - Barossa Valley and districts.

I used a bucket and a cup to illustrate my talk.

Trevor joined us for the occasion too, everyone was pleased to see him as it is now 17 months that he has been confined to bed with the only time he is up, being for the evening meal.

Hubby was there as well as my dad. Hubby is obscured by the bucket in the photo, dad is near the side fence in one photo.
No idea of the actual number of people there, probably be mentioned in next week's newspaper article.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The other day when I posted the top of the sisters choice block quilt realised the border print did not show up well so thought I would share a picture of it with you.
Also some of you know that most days are spent sitting at my son's bedside so thought I would show you how I get to do some work done whilst doing this.
I am cutting for the orange crush mystery.
Trevor is watching the car racing from New Zealand.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not much happened in the way of sewing this week ... sigh ....

My easy angle ruler arrived - very fast service from

so as soon as some things are caught up with - nothing to do with patchwork ;-))
I'll be cutting clue #2 of the orange crush.

Decided to show a photo of the saying that hangs in our bedroom - say's it all really.
The other photo is of a small quilt I made for my DGD Sarah who was born in 1990, made it the week before she was born - was convinced the baby would be a boy!!

Recently when I was at their house I noticed that Sarah still had the quilt in use!!
Made from poly cottons because that is what was available here at the time.
She still has her cot quilt as well.
It is such a blessing to be able to make and gift things which are both well used and treasured by their new owners.

On another note - as of last night I have a roomie to share with in Perth - welcome to my mad world Anne, hopefully we will have fun!!
My siggies are under way ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noah's quilt

Finally finished thaat *quick* baby quilt for Noah!

He is now 4 months old ... sigh ... but suppose he won't really care how long it took me to get from the starting point to the finishing line.
I used my own hand dyes with the dolphin print.
The design is by Dorothy Young and is called "just your size"

The stitching is wonly by my wonky eyes!

Off to order my spectacles today so in about a week I will have glasses .. woohoo!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

TWIO - third weekend in October quilt project

Here is the start of my project - patterns, needlepunched foundation papers, coloured copies of the pattern to indicate where the different colours go, flannel backed tablecloth for storing the quilt in progress - no room for a design wall, desirable though that might be ;-))
Started to sort my fabrics into piles of 'families' , however I only want to make one leaf from each fabric, don't want to over think this so will just pull one fabric at a time, the blue tote on the left is full of fabrics suitable for this quilt mostly in small pieces, no fear of me running out of suitable fabrics for this project!!
My constants are the background fabrics which will be the same throughout the quilt.
Have a downloaded pattern for the leftovers from the quilt, so out of a bag full of scrap fanrics I will end up with two quilts - and maybe a wallhanging, feels good to be stashbusting, and it will be a nice contrast to the Orange Crush project.
Just need to wash the quilt for Noah today and give it to his father tomorrow, seems to have taken a long time to finish but at least it is there now, and Noah is just 4 months old - think he will care whether it took me a week or 4 months to make??
Will post a picture of the finished quilt tomorrow.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Autumn leaves


This week it is planned to revisit an ASP [already started project] it is a foundation paper pieced quilt designed by Ruth Powers and called Third Weekend in October, referred to as TWIO.

I began the quilt more than 2 years ago, then *life* intervened and it was packed away and has not been out of the bag since.

Each leaf in the pattern only takes a small bit of fabric so this is where a lot of my scraps will go.

A group of us on the net are going to work on this design so hopefully this will provide the motivation to get it complete as this will be *my* quilt!!

The quilt design is of fallen leaves so as we have just begun our autumn season the leaves on the decidous trees have begun to turn all colours - yet to see a blue leaf but certainly most others are there. This tree is by my son's place, there is another photo of a tree with the coloured leaves in my post about Hahndorf the other day.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sisters choice

Deb K. used the Sisters Choice block for her recent online mystery, my quilt is not set the way Deb did her mystery, as I have done a straight set.
Love the fabric for the border, it looks good in real life so might take a close up photo so that you can see it better too.
Used another two blocks as pockets for a shopping bag for my sister - who else ... LOL
For the quilt I purchased the border print, the green used for cornerstones and everything else came from the stash.
I can post the photos of the bag now because Sharon has received it.
Today I am wanting to finally finish quilting the baby quilt for Noah.
Then a naturopath appt for me followed by a doctor's appt for DH ... so off I go!

orange crush

My ordered fabrics arrived!!
I also had ordered this foundation paper pieced pattern, there was just the one pattern left in stock - so now I feel like I have won the lottery!!!
Intend to use my leftovers from the two crush quilts to make the FPP quilt

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Orange Crush

These are my very scrappy 4 patches for the mystery.
Two options for any more 4 patches - 1 is the Cathedral Stars another one of Bonnie Hunters designs, and the 2nd is for another 150 in case I get the blue fabric which is in a previous post - the package from the internet shop has not arrived yet .. patience, patience ... LOL

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the lead up to the Southern Cross Quilters retreat to be held in Perth this year there is an angel/mortal swap.

A squishie arrived today from my angel, the package was sent by "sweet angel" that was the only name/addy written on the envelope.

Maybe that is a clue to her identity and I am too thick to interpret it.

Whatever, I feel rather spoiled, by the way along with the lovely tone on tone yellow fat quarter there is the most unusual pin cushion. The card is amazing too, think the technique is called paper tole, where the images are raised above the surface.

Sister in law in England loves robins so will send the card on to her after it has been oohed and aahed over.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How could I have possibly forgotten to upload this photo that I took in Hahndorf??
it is of a shop that sells - just chocolates!
we are now in the autumn season here - called fall by our American friends, and I just love the colour of the changing trees.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

carers' day out

These are some photos that I took yesterday on our day trip.
Those who know me will not be surprised that I chose quirky things to photograph.

A garden water sink ...
This is on a farm south of Adelaide where the owners do a concert of old musical hits in a purpose built theatre on the farm.

We also spent time wandering around Hahndorf, this is a town that was founded by German settlers.
This old cart was amongst bushes.

Not quirky but a tribute to Captain Hahn after whom the settlement was named.

Outside one of the hotels stands this cheerful chap.

Seems they are a little confused when it comes to pricing fuel, for o/s readers our fuel is sold by the litre not a

Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange Crush

These are my fabrics that arrived, on this monitor
the fabric on the right appears to be green, it is actually black.
Wondered though about the purple as the accent so decided to try another fabric that I already had - it has small berries in the print so could become a berry crush???
Any way I will be interested to have others opinions before I finally decide.
Have at least two weeks before we need to use these fabrics.
The striped fabric is for borders, I was aiming at having the borders tie in the other colours.
My 4 patches are done though, and they are way scrappy - all sorts of odds and ends in that lot!
Haven't taken a pic of them yet and tomorrow I'm off on a bus trip from 8am till 9 pm.

Orange Crush

My fabrics for Orange Crush have arrived!!
My photos are not uploading tonight though so will try again tomorow.

The 4 patches are made.

Plenty of waiting projects to keep me occupied for two weeks till the next clue.