Monday, April 14, 2008

TWIO - third weekend in October quilt project

Here is the start of my project - patterns, needlepunched foundation papers, coloured copies of the pattern to indicate where the different colours go, flannel backed tablecloth for storing the quilt in progress - no room for a design wall, desirable though that might be ;-))
Started to sort my fabrics into piles of 'families' , however I only want to make one leaf from each fabric, don't want to over think this so will just pull one fabric at a time, the blue tote on the left is full of fabrics suitable for this quilt mostly in small pieces, no fear of me running out of suitable fabrics for this project!!
My constants are the background fabrics which will be the same throughout the quilt.
Have a downloaded pattern for the leftovers from the quilt, so out of a bag full of scrap fanrics I will end up with two quilts - and maybe a wallhanging, feels good to be stashbusting, and it will be a nice contrast to the Orange Crush project.
Just need to wash the quilt for Noah today and give it to his father tomorrow, seems to have taken a long time to finish but at least it is there now, and Noah is just 4 months old - think he will care whether it took me a week or 4 months to make??
Will post a picture of the finished quilt tomorrow.


Gina said...

Love the Card Trick Tumble Quilt. Is it a Log Cabin?

Looks like you are going to be a bit busy over the next couple of weeks.

love and hugs xxx

Sandy said...

Thanks Gina, think I will be busy for some months with the autumn projects plus Bonnie's Orange Crush - now that the blue scalloped fabric has arrived it might be 2 of those quilts to be made - the orange one will go live somewhere else, there is a good home waiting for it ;-))