Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today I had the great priviledge of speaking at the opening of the extensions to Carers' Link - Barossa Valley and districts.

I used a bucket and a cup to illustrate my talk.

Trevor joined us for the occasion too, everyone was pleased to see him as it is now 17 months that he has been confined to bed with the only time he is up, being for the evening meal.

Hubby was there as well as my dad. Hubby is obscured by the bucket in the photo, dad is near the side fence in one photo.
No idea of the actual number of people there, probably be mentioned in next week's newspaper article.


Sharon P said...

Who took the photos? Nice colour dress, Sandra. Curious about the bucket and the cup though - something about quantities? Maybe the need for carer's links compared to the reality?

Lisa said...

Hey, you matched your outfit to the balloons you clever thing.