Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not much happened in the way of sewing this week ... sigh ....

My easy angle ruler arrived - very fast service from

so as soon as some things are caught up with - nothing to do with patchwork ;-))
I'll be cutting clue #2 of the orange crush.

Decided to show a photo of the saying that hangs in our bedroom - say's it all really.
The other photo is of a small quilt I made for my DGD Sarah who was born in 1990, made it the week before she was born - was convinced the baby would be a boy!!

Recently when I was at their house I noticed that Sarah still had the quilt in use!!
Made from poly cottons because that is what was available here at the time.
She still has her cot quilt as well.
It is such a blessing to be able to make and gift things which are both well used and treasured by their new owners.

On another note - as of last night I have a roomie to share with in Perth - welcome to my mad world Anne, hopefully we will have fun!!
My siggies are under way ...

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