Saturday, March 29, 2008

Orange Crush fabrics

These are the fabrics I ordered for my Orange Crush mystery

quilt, have had notification that they were posted on Friday.

The stripes are for the border.

There is just too much eye candy on the web! - now I have seen a fabric that I like which I feel would be great for a blueberry crush ... sigh

What's a girl to do???


My fabrics for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery have been ordered but not yet arrived so may not be able to start on April 1st, no matter - my Carolina Crossroads is still in the blocks stage - mostly because that project is at home - and I am not!

However this week the mariners compass top arrived safely at Lisa and Roy's place - Blackbird Quiltery for them to quilt.

There is a link to the quiltery in the sidebar - check them out to see the wonderful quality of their work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

quilt top together

Finally have the borders on the cobblestone quilt made with coffee coloured fabrics.
Dad is holding the quilt top and he quite likes it so maybe this one won't be going too far once it is finished ;-))


This is Patch, the 4 legged member of our family, and by the way Trevor always tells people that he *hates* cats ... yeah right Trev!

garden at the cottage

Though we have a long running drought some plants continue to grow and bloom without water, these are a few of them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

selveges photo - add another pile and a question

Tipped the selvedges from the ice cream container, so these are the actual scraps you would receive.
When should the give away end?
How about the last day of March 2008 for the northern hemisphere?
This would be the 1st of April in Australia and the day before Bonnie's clues start coming for the Orange Crush.

In a similar frame of mind I also tipped out some shreds - I have a *lot* of those, so if you would like some for fibre art ot whatever, leave a message for me and I'll fill an envelope for you.

Now for payment - I would appreciatte some advice ...
Some of you know that my main reason for doing the blog is to train myself in remembering to post etc so that I can post the photos of the hearts and their journey into a quilt, we received the hearts after my son had a stroke last year.
Had started to assemble them when it was discovered my vision had gone AWOL so abandoned the project, now I should have glasses in a week - 10 days so will be able to see to restart that project.
My question is this ... should I add the hearts to this blog or start another blog?


Now I am not into selvedges personally but have an ice cream container full to overflowing - so if anyone wants some then just leave me a comment with a way of getting in touch for your snail mail addy.
too late at night - actually it is early in the morning, to take a photo.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The wonderful Sharon has just listed a mug with an art work of hers on zazzle,
it is one of my favourite drawings of hers - keep your cool whilst the kids are fighting!
I love it and think she is so, so clever!
shallay's" Gallery at Zazzle

our place

These are some scenes of our place, it is in need of a lot of T.L.C.

Orange Crush

Yee har!!!!!

Can you tell I am excited?

Bonnie has given the fabric requirements for the new mystery, and it is to be called Orange Crush.

So tonight I ordered the fabric for my border ... part of my nature for starting at the end ...LOL

No planned destination for the finished quilt yet but the quilt isn't even started yet so no need to

panic ;-))

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hmmm.... the more I post on the blog I realise how much I still have to learn ...
like the order to post photos - seems one needs to post the last ones first in order for them to come out chronilogically ... so if you want to see our day out best scroll to the end of the post first.

After lunch and a bit of shopping it was on to the Central Market for some nice fresh food for the Easter weekend, saw a mural which we had never seen before.

On to lunch with terrific Sharon, we played pass the camera - I took her photos which she dislikes, then she took ours and we don't like them either!!

Somehow we don't photograph as well as we think we look, ;-))

Had an eye specialist appointment today in the city.

Lots of the older homes have been converted to specialist's rooms.

Adelaide is ringed with parklands and immediattely opposite where we were today are some of the parlands, behind this area is the Adelaide Oval, the light towers might be visible in the photo, and Memorial Drive, the tennis venue.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It is almost March 17th 2008, and my son will be 40!!

On this day last year the family removed my hair for two causes - the "Shave For a Cure' to help raise funds and awareness for the leukemia foundation, and the plaited hair to go to "Locks of Love" who use the hair to make hairpieces for children who lose their hair due to medical conditions and/or treatment.

The day started with a barbeque and a fun game. The roof became a catcher for the ball as well!

Monday, March 3, 2008

shopping bags

Only managed to get 3 shopping bags made this week.

Made from remnants of curtaining fabrics, these are lined with rubber backing which should make them ideal for carrying refridgerated items home from the shops.
Hopefully will have a good supply of nice strong shopping bags by the time the plastic shopping bags are eliminated which is proposed to be at the end of 2008.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

gifts for Easter

these terrific face washers arrived in the mail this week - bought from a squilter who is a seller on Oztion.
The seller, Sue, dyed the flannels and embroidered the motifs to my requests.
They will be used as gifts for various members of the family along with some choccies for those that can eat them.
I keep fondling them, think they are so cute ;-))
If you would like to see what Sue has her blog is:
there is a link there to her oztion site.

extra borders for round robin

This is the design that Tara came up with to make my stay at home round robin larger - I love it!!

To think this all started with a 6" orphan block.

Never having done a round robin before an quite fascinated by the process.

These are the healing hearts that I have made to send this week, I find it very therapeutic to make them while thinking of the person each one is for.
one of the factors behind me reviving this blog is to get me in the habit of regular posting, to learn about uploading photos etc. so that I can blog/document the making of my son's healing heart quilt.
It had been my intention to have the quilt finished by May 2008, however when I visited the eye specialist last year and realised I could not read even the large single letter at the top of the chart I knew I had to stop sewing anything of importance, until there is improvement courtesy of surgery.
There are many hearts received for my son to be photographed.
Will make taking the photos my ongoing project for March.