Monday, March 24, 2008


Now I am not into selvedges personally but have an ice cream container full to overflowing - so if anyone wants some then just leave me a comment with a way of getting in touch for your snail mail addy.
too late at night - actually it is early in the morning, to take a photo.


Beth said...

Oh I would love to have them!!! I've been wanting to make a selvedge project!!! Please pick me :)

Anonymous said...

OH, i just found your blog thanks to a post on a Yahoo group - just in time for your giveaway!
i too would LOVE some of your selvedges! i am keen to make some small projects from them - by most of my stash is fat 1/4's so i dont get many selvedges! maybe Beth and i could share in the bounty? contact me at >^..^<
Oh, and i would love to see the "heart blocks" on this blog