Monday, March 24, 2008

selveges photo - add another pile and a question

Tipped the selvedges from the ice cream container, so these are the actual scraps you would receive.
When should the give away end?
How about the last day of March 2008 for the northern hemisphere?
This would be the 1st of April in Australia and the day before Bonnie's clues start coming for the Orange Crush.

In a similar frame of mind I also tipped out some shreds - I have a *lot* of those, so if you would like some for fibre art ot whatever, leave a message for me and I'll fill an envelope for you.

Now for payment - I would appreciatte some advice ...
Some of you know that my main reason for doing the blog is to train myself in remembering to post etc so that I can post the photos of the hearts and their journey into a quilt, we received the hearts after my son had a stroke last year.
Had started to assemble them when it was discovered my vision had gone AWOL so abandoned the project, now I should have glasses in a week - 10 days so will be able to see to restart that project.
My question is this ... should I add the hearts to this blog or start another blog?


Vickie said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a re those hearts-in my humble opinion I'd like to see them on this blog...(only so your in one place so too speak-an easy to find)
cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Hi Sandy, I'm like Vickie and would like to see the hearts on this blog too... you can label them to make it easy for people find.