Sunday, March 23, 2008

Orange Crush

Yee har!!!!!

Can you tell I am excited?

Bonnie has given the fabric requirements for the new mystery, and it is to be called Orange Crush.

So tonight I ordered the fabric for my border ... part of my nature for starting at the end ...LOL

No planned destination for the finished quilt yet but the quilt isn't even started yet so no need to

panic ;-))


Anonymous said...

Aaaargh! Now look at the trouble you've caused. I was buying no more fabric, nor starting another project (but now I'm headed over to Bonnie's). ROTFL

I wonder if Lissa knows yet?

Lisa said...

Aaaaargh from me too. But mine is because I love a mystery quilt but I just cannot get my head around a colour scheme for this quilt. I need inspiration! Or maybe I just need a clear head. Or, wait for it... maybe I need to go to the fabric shop. What do you think?