Saturday, March 29, 2008


My fabrics for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery have been ordered but not yet arrived so may not be able to start on April 1st, no matter - my Carolina Crossroads is still in the blocks stage - mostly because that project is at home - and I am not!

However this week the mariners compass top arrived safely at Lisa and Roy's place - Blackbird Quiltery for them to quilt.

There is a link to the quiltery in the sidebar - check them out to see the wonderful quality of their work.


Anonymous said...

Sandy, that quilt is fabulous. I love mariner's compass quilts, and yours is just lovely.

Sandy said...

Akas, I did not make the quilt, I bought it!
It has been on the back of my hubby's recliner as is, it will be so good to have it "snuggly" for him.

chq said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment regarding borders. I so agree about borders helping to unite a scrap quilt, the perfect border can help something pretty random become very cohesive.

I saw the SC Quilters, and I thought to myself "South Carolina has their own quilting group", then I looked a little closer, and say that you are in cool is that?

Have a great weekend!

Cherri House

Down Comforter said...

fab quilt
keep it up