Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hmmm.... the more I post on the blog I realise how much I still have to learn ...
like the order to post photos - seems one needs to post the last ones first in order for them to come out chronilogically ... so if you want to see our day out best scroll to the end of the post first.

After lunch and a bit of shopping it was on to the Central Market for some nice fresh food for the Easter weekend, saw a mural which we had never seen before.

On to lunch with terrific Sharon, we played pass the camera - I took her photos which she dislikes, then she took ours and we don't like them either!!

Somehow we don't photograph as well as we think we look, ;-))

Had an eye specialist appointment today in the city.

Lots of the older homes have been converted to specialist's rooms.

Adelaide is ringed with parklands and immediattely opposite where we were today are some of the parlands, behind this area is the Adelaide Oval, the light towers might be visible in the photo, and Memorial Drive, the tennis venue.

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Lisa said...

Well even if you don't like the photos I do. It sounds like you made a good day of the trip, and I love the market and mural pictures..