Saturday, March 29, 2008

Orange Crush fabrics

These are the fabrics I ordered for my Orange Crush mystery

quilt, have had notification that they were posted on Friday.

The stripes are for the border.

There is just too much eye candy on the web! - now I have seen a fabric that I like which I feel would be great for a blueberry crush ... sigh

What's a girl to do???


Anonymous said...

Well, obviously a girl is to order more fabric! LOL

Sandy said...

Okay, so this girl has gone and ordered that great Hoffman fabric - just need to wait now to find out whether they are able to supply it or whether it has sold out.

Sewbaby said...

I love your fabric!!!


Lisa said...

Love those fabrics. The purple is a cool touch instead of Bonnie's blue, but I've always loved purple and orange.

Lissa Jane said...

I love your fabric choices for this quilt.. I hope they have turned up!!! I am yet to start my quilt too....