Saturday, April 12, 2008


This week it is planned to revisit an ASP [already started project] it is a foundation paper pieced quilt designed by Ruth Powers and called Third Weekend in October, referred to as TWIO.

I began the quilt more than 2 years ago, then *life* intervened and it was packed away and has not been out of the bag since.

Each leaf in the pattern only takes a small bit of fabric so this is where a lot of my scraps will go.

A group of us on the net are going to work on this design so hopefully this will provide the motivation to get it complete as this will be *my* quilt!!

The quilt design is of fallen leaves so as we have just begun our autumn season the leaves on the decidous trees have begun to turn all colours - yet to see a blue leaf but certainly most others are there. This tree is by my son's place, there is another photo of a tree with the coloured leaves in my post about Hahndorf the other day.

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