Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange Crush

These are my fabrics that arrived, on this monitor
the fabric on the right appears to be green, it is actually black.
Wondered though about the purple as the accent so decided to try another fabric that I already had - it has small berries in the print so could become a berry crush???
Any way I will be interested to have others opinions before I finally decide.
Have at least two weeks before we need to use these fabrics.
The striped fabric is for borders, I was aiming at having the borders tie in the other colours.
My 4 patches are done though, and they are way scrappy - all sorts of odds and ends in that lot!
Haven't taken a pic of them yet and tomorrow I'm off on a bus trip from 8am till 9 pm.


Anonymous said...

Love the purple, but the print really lifts your other colours. Maybe there's a way to incorporate both?

Lisa said...

Little Miss Opinionated here - I love the original fabrics (in fact, I WANT the original fabrics and wish that I had the original fabrics for my quilt). On the other had I don't like the berries - don't forget that is meant to be the accent so I think it needs to be stronger.

Having said all of that we must keep in mind that I did grow up anwering the question "what is your favourite colour" by saying "orange and purple". (Actually my Mum always said that when I was really little I said "onge and purpin")

I tried to use purple as my accent but couldn't get the right shade so I think you're a colour genius.