Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noah's quilt

Finally finished thaat *quick* baby quilt for Noah!

He is now 4 months old ... sigh ... but suppose he won't really care how long it took me to get from the starting point to the finishing line.
I used my own hand dyes with the dolphin print.
The design is by Dorothy Young and is called "just your size"

The stitching is wonly by my wonky eyes!

Off to order my spectacles today so in about a week I will have glasses .. woohoo!!!


Gina said...

It's a great quilt. Noah won't know that it was 4 months late, only that iit was made by you for him.

love and hugs xxx

Lisa said...

I think Noah will be very happy with that. I looks like it sparkles!!

Sharon said...

Ah - did you say 'Hand dyes?'You mean you also find time to colour all this material as well as sew it? Glad glasses are coming. Look forward to quantum leaps in intricacy!