Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhh .... the hills of home ...
heading towards our beautiful valley and the ground is green now that the heat of summer is past, it is mid winter here now though little rain, it has however been just enough to change the landscape from brown to green so took some photos as we were driving along, huge amounts of new vinyard plantings too, it is the first time I have seen these.

Needed to have a storage bag for my large square rulers as they are clear - predating the fluro type - every time I put the rulers down I "lose" them so decided to use some lefyovers from the orange crush to make a storage bag, son decided it needed a handle and suggested using a tie, so off to the thrift shop I went and then attached the tie to each side so now *Voila* the bag can hang up - and I can find the rulers!!

BTW I used a towel which had become thin for the batting.


Amanda said...

I always enjoy seeing photographs of other parts of the world, being an armchair traveller. I like your plan for your left over OC blocks. I've started making tote bags with mine.

Candace said...

Enjoyed the scenic ride, and what a good way to use up the leftovers, and the worn towels.

Cathy ~o said...

what a great idea! Mine are always getting misplaced too, either from my grandson taking them or the cat playing with the smallest
I have a whole bunch of ties and I have been thinking of making a big dahlia with them, but love the idea of using them for tote handles.
I have also enjoyed looking at your photos of your part of the world. Very pretty!

Down Comforter said...

must post more pics
i liked the last part tough