Friday, January 30, 2009

Mail call

This package of fabrics arrived.
The two fabrics top left are novelty prints, every other month a group of us swap conversation prints cut into 6.5" charm squares, so I purchase five prints during two months for this.

The brown and the pink on the top right are fabrics to add to my double delight.
The creams at the bottom are both for the double delight and to add to my 'lights'

This package was purchased from Kim at AAA quilters supply.
There is a link in a recent post.

These artists' trading cards are for birthdays and there were just these three to be sent.
Hope the birthday girls like them.
The cakes are cholesterol free.

Cockle - Doodle - Doo is my interpretation of the chook theme, they are made using a fabric by Bonnie Sullivan and Maywood Studio, an 1880 reproduction.
There were six cards like this.

This is a postcard made for the theme swap "the seasons" my interpretation is
Autumn - the leaves start to fall
Winter - we hope for rain
Spring - blossom time
Summer - is cricket season

There were five cards like this.

We have been experiencing very high temperatures all week [over 100F] and the relentless heat is predicted to last at least another week.

Think I will melt .....

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