Friday, May 9, 2008

This week - with a question

Had 36 hours at home this week so this is some of what I managed to achieve ..
The flowers are Nerines and I picked this bunch and brought them back to Trevor's place, forgot to bring a vase ... duh!
The stack and slash I found while looking for something else :-))
Realised the reason it had become an abandoned project was because it had turned out long and skinny ... realised though that if I bordered it and finished it off it could be a door curtain for winter.
Used a batik for the border, now all of the fabrics used in the top are gone, gone ... hooray!

Question is what should I back it with?
The top will face outside so I need something to look at from the inside, therefore that rules black out.
So now this project has moved to be a ASP [already started project]

The tea for two is my starter block for my stay at home round robin.
The design is a fusible called "Sue" from Lizard of Oz

For a WOO HOO - I made the shopping bags for L. - when I cut a bag out realised there was enough fabric for two bags!!
So now it is on with the packing ready to head to Perth.


Amanda said...

If the quilt is intended for a winter door curtain perhaps you could back it with a coloured fleece blanket - they are really cheap here in the UK and would make a cozy finish.

Gina said...

Love the idea of turning your quilt into a curtain. As for the backing, either some fabric that you'll enjoy looking at or another quilt.

love and hugs xxx

Sharon said...

Nice colours, from your non-quilting sister. Ps I have absolutely no useful suggestions for a backing!

Lisa said...

Those bags look great Sandy. What pattern are you using?

Sandy said...

Thanks for the comments on backing the door curtain, still to absolutely decide what to put on the back - am leaning towards having this one as a winter/summer one with another as autumn/spring.

The shopping bags I have made are based on the online pattern from creative thimbles with some slight adaptions.