Sunday, November 2, 2008

where did October go?

Gosh, somehow I *lost* October!!

My mother has decided that she will not be sewing anymore so she gifted me with her stash of sheeting offcuts.
These were created when sheets were made into fitted sheets, the manufacturers cut the corners of the sheets and stacked them, bundles were sold to people who wanted to make patchwork.
Mum must have had thousands of these squares in various colours and designs.

I don't actually like sewing with them as they are so tough - not at all like the softness of cotton.

Anyway I picked up a handfull of them along with a piece of pink stripe - also a poly fabric, and made mum a bag.
It has a pocket on the inside and she will use it to carry her playing cards to her group on Saturdays.


Roseanne said...

that was so nice of you to make her something out of the fabric thay she gave you .You are a very loving daughter. I bet she love yout bag you made for her.

Sue said...

How did I not realize you had a blog? My goodness, my head must be in the clouds!

I loved reading yours and will be back for sure.

The bag is beautiful!

Oh, and there might just be a little piece of news on mine that might interest you!

Sandy said...

I hope so Roseanne ;)

Sandy said...

I hope so Roseanne ;)