Saturday, February 23, 2008

In the Studio: Am I REALLY a Headcase??#links

In the Studio: Am I REALLY a Headcase??#links

My absolute first foray into the wondrous world of patchwork was hexagons, the quilt was never finished it disappeared and I forgot all about it for a very long time.

Never wanted to do hexagons again .. ever .. then tonight I read about this quilt in progress on Christine's blog ...

A good thing that happened today was that I went down the street and when I returned the missing piece for my sudoku mat was on the cutting board!
There had been a visitor while I was gone so my guess is that it had migrated to her bag by mistake when she was here before.
Now that project can be completed - it is just the right size for the 2 person table that we have.

Have the second border ready to sew on to my stay at home round robin so that is inching towards completion as well, though don't know what it will eventually become.

The scrap Irish Chain quilt was collected today in readiness for it being raffled for Mothers' day in May.

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