Friday, February 29, 2008

we once lived here

My camera has flat batteries so cannot take any photos today.

Having a blog gives me an opportunity to reflect on some things that have happened in the past.
This property was one such priviledge, we lived here between 1984 and 1991.
We left this place to go on our grey nomad travelling.
Have been back on visits since as we have many fond memories, the photo of hubby at the pond was taken on our last visit. as were the others.
The palm trees are replacement trees for the original trees which had died and were planted wheb quite small whilst we were living there.

On the quilty front my stay at home round robin that I would like to be larger - the designer Tara has come up with more borders that complement the original design.
So will be doing some fabric dyeing this weekend - well that is the plan, then I can proceed with taking the project up to cot size.

Also have two projects to take out of their bags and give them an airing: 1 is a lilac quilt for Elaine and the other is the start of "Third Weekend in October" usually referred to as TWIO.

Need to see where I got to in Elaine's quilt and work towards getting it finished.

The TWIO will be worked on as an online project in April.

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