Wednesday, February 20, 2008

These fabrics are the ones I used to create my sudoku puzzle mat which is now together, so wanted to make a mug mat using the small leftover pieces of fabric to create a key for the puzzle - 8 of them are there no worries, but the green fabric on the upper left in this photo is no where to be found!!
Because these are charms I received in a swap I have no more ...
After much fruitless searching am thinking the missing piece must have either got knocked or blown off my cutting mat when the door was opened then sucked up the vacumn cleaner along with all the other fluffy threads and snippets that had landed on the floor.
An almost finished UFO now stalled for the lack of a snippet!!
Another bit of my bah humbug day - which actually had started well, was when I was piecing a scrappy 4 patch quilt and the sewing machine began looping the threads on the bobbin side - rethreaded several times all to no avail.
So here we are in our own home till the morning and I can sew without disturbing others' peace and the Nina is not feeling well...
Other than that cut some of the high dry grass today, so that *chore* is almost finished now, alas I don't do anywhere near enough physical work these days and every muscle and tendon in my body is letting me know they are there!!
So instead of sewing for a couple of hours I will go to bed.
Just remembered another good bit about today, I picked up the no mail round robin which I had left behind last month by mistake so I have it safely in my bag ready to take in the morning.
Copied off the directions for the 2nd and 3 rd borders, the old faithful workhorse Bernina at Trevor's will go into overdrive to get this finished in the next couple of days and at least then something will be FINISHED!!!

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