Thursday, January 24, 2008

crumb blocks

I put some of my latest crumb blocks out on the table and just as I got the camera ready ... whoosh!!! off they all went - the wind would not let up then so took a pic of them in a heap!
I always call them 'mile a minute' blocks.
Have made quilts from then in the past, good for teens etc as the variety of fabrics and colours 'hide' things like coffee stains.
The current collection of blocks though are destined to make covers for the pedestal fan and room heater which collect dust - and are hard to clean - in the 'off' seasons for them.
Thought I would be able to add the next border to my stay at home no mail round robin alack and alas I have left it all at home so now will have to wait till Wednesday to be able to get to it. Drat.

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