Monday, January 21, 2008

no mail round robin started

This is an interesting concept to me:- doing a round robin but at home and according to a "recipe" given at intervals.
First off it was to have a 6+1/2" unfinished size block, so instead of starting something new I chose to use a leftover block that I made for a blue/green swap. Then the first border required four fabrics - first an accent so I chose a burgundyish hand dye, then a commercial batik/dyed look alike and a green of my own and a blue butterfly print that I had 'hanging' around which never quite seemed to fit in anything else I worked on.
Though the photo shows I hadn't pressed the block properly am really pleased about how it is looking.
The next border recipe should be posted in a few days.
Never been involved in round robins before.
Think this project will be about a table mat size when complete, at this stage I'm thinking it might instead become a cushion. We'll see.
Interested to get other's comments on this.

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