Thursday, January 10, 2008

A W.I.P.

hmmmm.. my plans for posting *something* each day have gone awry.
My camera has dead batteries as well so this is a pic of a giraffe applique I'm stitching down to make a cushion for a giraffe loving grand daughter. The background fabric is one of my hand dyes.
We are at our own little cottage just now, just hubby and me, every thing is very dry, another extremely hot day today so will have to make sure we keep the water intake up, promise of a cooler day tomorrow so if we get through today we will be fine - going back to Trevors tomorrow.
A high bushfire risk today and I didn't manage to get all the dry grass cut down so will hope there are no arsonists around about.
My friend Lisa has found this blog and as she had reminded me of a lilac quilt I'm making for a niece I'll dig it out of it's bag today and see how much more needs to be done, take it back to Trevor's with us and work on finishing it there so it can go to Lisa and Roy's Blackbird Quiltery they have a wonderful flair of adding special quilting on my tops.
Together they transform the humdrum to the stunning.

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