Friday, January 18, 2008

The customs people are ever vigilant in Australia, friend in New Zealand sent me some fabric squares, the package was intercepted by the customs when repackaging it they included a brochure on what can and cannot be imported.
This fabric will go into an "African" quilt for DH who lived in South and East Africa for a number of years and remembers the time with great fondness.
Bonnie Hunter has now posted the final layout for Carolina Crossroads so am anxious to get that all together, but first I absolutely MUST get Noah's quilt finished.



Just popping in to say hi, i am glad i found you, then i can tell you i just left the Barossa Valley Tourist Caravan Park on Monday and now safely home in WA, Mt Richon.
Your work is lovely. Jen

Sandy said...

Thanks Jen, you made good time in getting home - but you were so very close to me whilst you were at the caravan park.