Monday, June 30, 2008

family time

had a picnic lunch at the local park - Coulthard reserve, this is mid winter but it was a sunny day.
This area is still in drought as the level of the lake will show.
Realise now have uploaded one picture twice - right clicking on it did not bring up the option to delete ...

The magpies were appreciative of the tidbits thrown their way.

Hubby had a nice time in the mens' shed playing the Inka drum that Trevor made.

Jeff played his accordion and together they played a rendition of Amazing Grace, I was just walking past the shed when I heard the music, wished I had a small tape recorder but at least my camera recorded the happening.

Been cutting some charms for group swaps - Boys I spy prints, next month is for girls and some fabrics with metallic prints.


Julie said...

Wow, Magpies! I have never seen any but have always heard of them.

Lisa said...

The sunshine sure looks nice from the perspective of the grey day we are having here. Sounds like you all had a great day. Don't you think that your Dad's shirt has "potential quilt fabric" written all over it!? Someone recently asked my DH when he was going to give me his shirt to make a quilt with - he was most put out cos it was only a new shirt.