Friday, June 6, 2008

my today

Started to pin the blocks up for the orange crush and in walked the person that this quilt is intended for
"Wow"!! was the reaction, so I decided to snap the photo to see if I could get the same reaction - unfortunately, no.
Orange is not *my* colour, happily though it looks like the intended recipient will be delighted when they get it as a surprise.

What I received as a surprise though was this postcard from Viki!!!

Made from selvedges so now I have no excuse for not using my selvedges ;))

Thank you Viki your RAK really brightened my day.


Lisa said...

Didn't that accent colour work so well?! You were right you clever thing. Well done.

Vickie said...

wow that looks great Sandy,I will be keeping my eye out for the finished item,
cheers Vickie

Down Comforter said...