Saturday, June 7, 2008

Orange Crush setting

Having seen Julia in Perth's straight setting I decided to rearrange some blocks to that setting , took a photo in the poor lighting we have at night and will decide tomorrow which way to finally set the blocks together.
Am thinking I like the lattice effect of the diagonal lines rather than the straight.
These blocks are just roughly pinned, wanted to do it while the setting was fresh in my mind.
If by chance you happen to see this before I finally decide on the setting please leave me a comment.
Just as an aside this is how I cope without a design wall, have the foam panels from packaging around a fridge and simply lean them against something - in this instance it is a cupboard and the back door.


Gina said...

I like that version.It's almost like a scrappy Irish Chain.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, I like this setting better, I guess it comes down to what you like, but I think the stars stand out better this way.
Hugs julia

Helen in the UK said...

I'm not a big fan of orange either!! I DO prefer the straight set though, the diagonals formed by the lights add a nice element :)

Lissa Jane said...


I am no good to you, I like both settings but I'd probably go for the straight one, no on point triangles on the sides then! eeek!!!

who has a phobia about triangles!

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Sandy,
Check my blog, you have won a second draw prize...please send me you home addy so I can send it to you.
Thanks Hugs julia

Nicole and Phil said...

YOur Orange crush is comonig along really well!
I am enjoying seeing so many different colour combinations from so many stashbusters!