Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orange Crush

Here is my top before borders.

Am having to be a little creative with the borders coz I am using a border print - and I am short by about 3" so having to mitre the corners that fit, then trim the fabric to piece onto the short borders aagh!!!

Hopefully they will be finished this weekend.

Was going to make a pieced back but have enough of the berry print that I used as the accent ... gotta love stashbusting!

Need to decide how to quilt this and then do it!

The close up is just in case you wanted to see some of the variety of prints I used , it is what I call Heinz 57 varieties or as Bonnie says "kitchen sink"


Amanda said...

Looking good. I look forward to seeing your borders, it sounds very complicated. I haven't a clue how to quilt mine yet, so hope for inspiration from seeing what other people do.

Andee said...

This is stunning! Nice job!